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Who played Aunt May in the Spider-Man movies?

When it comes to the Spider-Man mythology, there are certain components that are always present. One is that Peter Parker is always bitten by a spider; another is that Peter’s Uncle Ben dies while Peter is a teenager; and another is that Peter’s Aunt May is an important presence in Pete’s life. Ever since the…

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Best Venom movie quotes

In this post, I am serving up a selection of some of the best quotes from the 2018 movie, Venom. The film is filled with memorable lines, most of which are delivered by Eddie Brock/Venom (aka actor Tom Hardy), and have become extremely quotable. So, if you want to delve into the dialogue of Venom…

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Why aren’t the Spider-Man movies on Disney+?

Whether you’ve followed the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the very start, or you have jumped on board in more recent times, you know that between movies and television shows, there is a lot of great content in the MCU. From Iron Man (2008) and The Incredible Hulk (2008) to Captain Marvel (2019) and What If?…

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