Hitting television screens for the first time in 1992, X-Men: The Animated Series was a cartoon show focusing on Marvel Comics’ popular mutant characters. The show – which originally aired on Fox – followed Wolverine, Cyclops, Gambit, Jubilee, Jean Grey, Beast, Rogue and Professor Xavier, as they battled against the forces of Magneto, Apocalypse, and Mister Sinister.

Upon making its debut, X-Men: The Animated Series was a huge hit with audiences and made household names of the characters. The show ran for five seasons, and amassed 76 episodes in the process.

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Although the show left the airwaves decades ago, X-Men: The Animated Series remains popular and over the years it has found a second life on home video, as well as through streaming services. One of these services is Disney+, which currently holds the rights to stream all of the episodes.

Only problem is, Disney+ (as well as a couple of other streaming services) have been known to list the episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series in the incorrect viewing order. This means, some fans have found watching the show a little bit of a bumpy ride, with a few episodes cropping up earlier than they should.

But don’t worry, there is a solution to this problem. All you need is a handy guide to the correct viewing order of the episodes – like the one contained in this post!

Below I have set out all 76 episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series in chronological order, running from episode one: Night of the Sentinels – Part One through to episode seventy-six: Graduation Day. So, if you want the correct viewing order, read on!



X-Men: The Animated Series episodes in order

Image: Disney/Marvel

Now before I get to the list, here’s a little information you need to know…

No matter the episode guide, no matter the home video release, and no matter the streaming service, Seasons One and Two of X-Men: The Animated Series almost always appear in the correct order. These episodes originally aired in the correct order and continue to remain in order, with no one getting them mixed up (hurrah!).

Where things begin to get problematic is with Season Three onward. A few episodes that should have originally aired during Season Three, were not completed in time of their intended broadcast and were bumped to Season Four and Season Five back in the ‘90s.

Over the course of time, and due to the shifting of these episodes, things have remained somewhat muddled when it comes to Seasons Three, Four, and Five. Sometimes the episodes appear in the right order, but often they do not – and this can cause problems with the continuity.

Below I have rearranged the episode list, to place the episodes back in chronological order. This ensures the correct continuity for the series, with all of the key tales appearing where they should.

Here are all of the episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series in the correct viewing order:

Season One

  • 01) Night of the Sentinels – Part One
  • 02) Night of the Sentinels – Part Two
  • 03) Enter Magneto
  • 04) Deadly Reunions
  • 05) Captive Hearts
  • 06) Cold Vengeance
  • 07) Slave Island
  • 08) The Unstoppable Juggernaut
  • 09) The Cure
  • 10) Come the Apocalypse
  • 11) Days of Future Past – Part One
  • 12) Days of Future Past – Part Two
  • 13) The Final Decision

Season Two

  • 14) Till Death Do Us Part – Part One
  • 15) Till Death Do Us Part – Part Two
  • 16) Whatever It Takes
  • 17) Red Dawn
  • 18) Repo Man
  • 19) X-Ternally Yours
  • 20) Time Fugitives – Part One
  • 21) Time Fugitives – Part Two
  • 22) A Rogue’s Tale
  • 23) Beauty & the Beast
  • 24) Mojovision
  • 25) Reunion – Part One
  • 26) Reunion – Part Two

Season Three

  • 27) Out of the Past – Part One
  • 28) Out of the Past – Part Two
  • 29) The Phoenix Saga – Part One: Sacrifice
  • 30) The Phoenix Saga – Part Two: The Dark Shroud
  • 31) The Phoenix Saga – Part Three: The Cry of the Banshee
  • 32) The Phoenix Saga – Part Four: The Starjammers
  • 33) The Phoenix Saga – Part Five: Child of the Light
  • 34) No Mutant is an Island
  • 35) Obsession
  • 36) Longshot
  • 37) Cold Comfort
  • 38) Savage Land, Savage Heart – Part One
  • 39) Savage Land, Savage Heart – Part Two
  • 40) The Dark Phoenix – Part One: Dazzled
  • 41) The Dark Phoenix – Part Two: The Inner Circle
  • 42) The Dark Phoenix – Part Three: Dark Phoenix
  • 43) The Dark Phoenix – Part Four: The Fate of the Phoenix
  • 44) Orphan’s End
  • 45) Love in Vain

Season Four

  • 46) The Juggernaut Returns
  • 47) A Deal with the Devil
  • 48) Sanctuary – Part One
  • 49) Sanctuary – Part Two
  • 50) Xavier Remembers
  • 51) Courage
  • 52) Secrets, Not Long Buried
  • 53) Nightcrawler
  • 54) One Man’s Worth – Part One
  • 55) One Man’s Worth – Part Two
  • 56) Proteus – Part One
  • 57) Proteus – Part Two
  • 58) Family Ties
  • 59) Bloodlines
  • 60) Weapon X, Lies, and Video Tape
  • 61) The Lotus and the Steel
  • 62) Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas
  • 63) The Phalanx Covenant – Part One
  • 64) The Phalanx Covenant – Part Two
  • 65) Storm Front – Part One
  • 66) Storm Front – Part Two
  • 67) Beyond Good and Evil – Part One: The End of Time
  • 68) Beyond Good and Evil – Part Two: Promise of Apocalypse
  • 69) Beyond Good and Evil – Part Three: The Lazarus Chamber
  • 70) Beyond Good and Evil – Part Four: End and Beginning

Season Five*

  • 71) The Fifth Horseman
  • 72) Jubilee’s Fairytale Theatre
  • 73) Old Soldiers
  • 74) Hidden Agendas
  • 75) Descent
  • 76) Graduation Day

*Please note: The six episodes that make up the fifth and final season of X-Men: The Animated Series, feature a different style of animation to that seen in Seasons One to Four. Why? Because Season Five was a last-minute addition to the show.

X-Men: The Animated Series was originally set to conclude at the end of Season Four, with the four-part story, Beyond Good and Evil. However, Fox decided to continue the show beyond what was planned, leading to six additional stories.

As the original animation studio was unavailable to work on these additional episodes, a different studio was drafted in to produce these stories. So, when you watch these final six episodes, you’ll notice they are not of the same quality as the previous seventy.  



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