In this post I am taking a look at the best quotes from the critically acclaimed television show, WandaVision. The series – which focuses on the relationship between Wanda Maximoff and the Vision – stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, and is one of the most fascinating entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Set around the concept of a town trapped inside a series of sitcoms, the show is filled with in-jokes, comic book references, and intriguing ideas. It is also crammed full of dialogue which is loaded with double meanings.

Below you will find a selection of dialogue, spoken by a collection of characters from the show. So, if you are keen to revisit some of the words that are uttered throughout the series, be sure to keep reading.



The best quotes from WandaVision

Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

Vision – “Wanda, is there something special about today?”

Agatha Harkness – “Oh, hello dear, I’m Agnes, your neighbour to the right. My right, not yours.”

Wanda – “Oh, Agnes, you’re a lifesaver.”

Wanda – “We are an unusual couple, you know.’

Vision – “Oh, I don’t think that was ever in question.”

Wanda – “Are you using your night vision, Vision?”


Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

Wanda – “You really are very dashing.”

Vision – “Hm, thank you darling.”

Vision – “Um, Wanda, are you not at all worried that the audience might just see through this little charade?”

Wanda – “Well, that’s the whole point. In a real magic act, everything is fake.”

Agatha Harkness – “Look, it’s the star of the show.”


Agatha Harkness – “Wanda, can I give you a bit of friendly advice?”

Wanda – “Is it about the way I’m dressed?”

Agatha Harkness – “Yes, but it’s too late for that.”

Agatha Harkness – “Dottie is the key to everything in this town. Country club memberships, parties, school admissions.”

Wanda – “Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

Agatha Harkness – “You get in with Dottie and it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out. Just mind your Ps and Qs and you’re gonna do just fine.”

Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

Dottie Jones – “The devil’s in the details, Bev.”

Agatha – “That’s not the only place he is.”

Dottie Jones – “All of this is for the children.”

Everyone – “For the children.”

Wanda – “For the children.”

Wanda – “I am Glamour and he’s Illusion.” 



Vision – “Tonight, we will lie to you, and yet you will believe our little deceptions, because human beings are easily fooled, due to their limited understanding of the inner workings of the universe.”

Wanda – “If only you all knew our secret.”

Wanda – “Now let’s get out of here before Dottie and the planning committee string us up for ruining the show.”

Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

Wanda – “Do you think they know it’s my fault?”

Vision – “Our neighbours?”

Wanda – “Well, yes. With all the close calls we’ve been having, it seems the people of Westview are always on the verge of discovering our secret.”

Wanda – “I’m a twin. I had a brother. His name was Pietro.”

Jimmy Woo – “So you’re saying the universe created a sitcom starring two Avengers?”

Darcy Lewis – “It’s a working theory.”

Monica Rambeau – “It’s Wanda. It’s all Wanda.”

Agatha Harkness – “Anyway, Aunty Agnes is here and I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve.”

Tyler Hayward – “What’s the first thing you do remember?”

Monica Rambeau – “Pain. And then, Wanda’s voice in my head.”

Tyler Hayward – “Did you try to resist?”

Monica Rambeau – “There was this feeling keeping me down; this… hopeless feeling, like drowning. It was grief.”

Darcy – “Wanda decides what makes it onto her show and what doesn’t.”

Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

Vision – “What is outside of Westview?

Wanda – “You don’t want to know, I promise you.”

Vision – “You don’t get to make that choice for me, Wanda.”

Pietro – “Long lost bro get to squeeze his stinkin’ sister to death or what?”

Monica Rambeau – “If Wanda is the problem, she has to be our solution.”

Pietro – “Unleash hell, demon spawn.”


Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

Agatha Harkness – “Am I dead?”

Vision – “No, no. Why would you think that?”

Agatha Harkness – “Because you are.”

Agatha Harkness – “Okie dokie, neighbour.”

Agatha Harkness – “I think I got there in the nick of time, because she is one split-end away from cutting her own bangs.”

Wanda – “Go with Agnes.”

Agatha Harkness – “I promise I won’t bite.”

Agatha Harkness – “Actually I did bite a kid once.”

Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

Billy – “You’re quiet Agnes. On the inside.”

Vision – “So, Wanda killed me?”

Darcy – “Yes, but it’s not that simple. You asked her to do it.”

Vision – “Why would I have done that?”

Darcy – “To save the universe. Well, half of it.”

Vision – “Did it work?”

Darcy – “It did. Until the bad guy rewound time and killed you himself.”

Monica Rambeau – “You see, that’s where you and Heyward differ. He’s gonna burn Westview to the ground, just to get what he wants. Don’t let him make you the villain.”

Wanda – “Maybe I already am.”


Agatha Harkness – “Wanda, Wanda, you didn’t think you were the only magical girl in town did you? The name’s Agatha Harkness – lovely to finally meet you dear.”


Wanda – “Who *are* you?”

Agatha Harkness – “Who are *you*?

Agatha Harkness – “All those costumes and hairstyles, ah, I was so patient, waiting for you to reveal your true self. I got close with fake Pietro – Fietro if you will – but no dice.”


Agatha Harkness – “What’s your secret, sister?”


Agatha Harkness – “Same story, different century. It’ll always be torches pitchforks for ladies like us, Wanda.”



Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

Wanda – “Boys, handle the military – mommy will be right back.”


Vision – “You are familiar with the thought experiment, the ship of Theseus in the field of identity metaphysics?

White Vision – “Naturally.”


Wanda – “You know, a family is forever.”


Wanda – “Boys, thanks for choosing me to be your mom.”


Vision – “We have said goodbye before, so it stands to reason…

Wanda – “…we’ll say hello again.”



And finally…

Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

Vision – “I’ve always been alone, so I don’t feel the lack – it’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve never experienced loss because I’ve never had a loved one to lose. But what is grief, if not love persevering?”



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