In this post, I am presenting ten facts about Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland. So, if you want to know a few bits of information about the actor, then this post will provide you with an info-burst.


Ten facts about Tom Holland

  • 1) Tom has three brothers: Harry, Sam and Patrick (Paddy). All three brothers are younger than Tom.
  • 2) Tom’s father is comedian, broadcaster, and novelist Dominic Holland, while his mother is photographer Nicola Frost.
  • 3) In 2008, Holland appeared in the West End show, Billy Elliot: The Musical. Holland played the role of Billy’s best friend, Michael.
  • 4) In 2010, Tom Holland voiced the character of Shô for the UK version of Arrietty (2010). But the actor’s first major movie role came in 2012, via The Impossible.
  • 5) In 2013, three years before he played the role of Spider-Man, Holland was interviewed at the Empire Awards and was asked what superhero would he like to play. He said: “Maybe Spider-Man in 10 years’ time? The reboot of the reboot, if they made one. Yeah that would be cool.”
  • 6) Holland learned he had bagged the role of Spider-Man via a Marvel Instagram post – and this was before he got a call from Marvel Studios’ big cheese, Kevin Feige confirming the news. Speaking on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2017 (via Looper), Holland said: “Kevin Feige finally rang me and said, ‘I’ve got some great news, you’re gonna be Spider-Man.’ And I was like, ‘I know, Kevin. You put it on Instagram.”
  • 7) Tom Holland’s first on screen appearance as Spider-Man was in the 2016 Marvel Studios movie, Captain America: Civil War.
  • 8) In the 2016 fantasy film, A Monster Calls, Tom Holland played the off-screen stand-in for the monster. In the finished film, Liam Neeson voiced the monster, but Tom Holland received a ‘Thanks to’ credit for this involvement in the production.
  • 9) Tom’s mother wanted Tom to be a carpenter. Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live (via Comic, Holland said: “I went through a phase in my career where I was too old to play a child, but too young to play a teenager. It took me a long time to grow up, and my mum decided to send me to carpentry school. So, she like packed my bags up and shipped me up to Cardiff in Wales, and I like rented a room off this lady and shared a room with her son for like 8 weeks.”
  • 10) In 2019, Tom Holland was the most Tweeted about actor of the year, due to his involvement with the Spider-Man movies.

And now you know.

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