The Spectacular Spider-Man is a fan-favourite animated series which aired between March 2008 and November 2009. Despite its brief time on air, the series built up a loyal fanbase who appreciated its respectful approach to Spider-Man mythology, as well as its engaging, well-paced stories.

If you have never watched The Spectacular Spider-Man, then give it a whirl – it is highly recommended. The show may have had a brief existence, but it remains one of the best animated adaptations of Spider-Man lore.



Before is a list of all 26 episodes of The Spectacular Spider-Man. But before jumping to the list, here is what you need to know about the two seasons of the show (and beyond).

  • Season One – This first season of The Spectacular Spider-Man originally aired on The CW in 2008. The season introduced multiple characters from Spidey mythology, with many being obscure allies and villains in background roles that are expanded in later stories.
  • Season Two – This second season of The Spectacular Spider-Man first aired on Disney XD in 2009. This season built on the characters and story beats set up in Season One and focused on a background player called the Master Planner.


Episode list for The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series

Here is a list of all 26 episodes of The Spectacular Spider-Man, divided into two seasons.

Season One (2008 – 2009)

Image: ©Marvel Entertainment
  • 1 Survival of the Fittest
  • 2 Interactions
  • 3 Natural Selection
  • 4 Market Forces
  • 5 Competition
  • 6 The Invisible Hand
  • 7 Catalysts
  • 8 Reaction
  • 9 The Uncertainty Principle
  • 10 Persona
  • 11 Group Therapy
  • 12 Intervention
  • 13 Nature vs. Nurture


Season Two (2009)

Image: ©Marvel Entertainment
  • 14 Blueprints
  • 15 Destructive Testing
  • 16 Reinforcement
  • 17 Shear Strength
  • 18 First Steps
  • 19 Growing Pains
  • 20 Identity Crisis
  • 21 Accomplices
  • 22 Probable Cause
  • 23 Gangland
  • 24 Subtext
  • 25 Opening Night
  • 26 Final Curtain


Why was The Spectacular Spider-Man cancelled?

Image: ©Marvel Entertainment

So, if The Spectacular Spider-Man was such a good show, why didn’t it run for more than two seasons?

The show’s cancellation was not the result of poor ratings or disinterest from viewers, but instead because of background issues.

In 2009, midway through the show’s run, Disney bought Marvel Comics (the publisher of Spider-Man comics). As Spidey’s new owner, Disney had control of the television rights to Spider-Man stories and this caused problems between Sony and Disney.

As the two companies could not come to an agreement over the character, the show was abruptly cancelled. All plans for Season Three of The Spectacular Spider-Man were promptly abandoned and the show was replaced by subsequent Spider-Man cartoons.



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