Funko produce a large number of Marvel Funko Pop! figures, from the Avengers to the X-Men, and this includes numerous Spider-Man-related characters too. One of these characters who has received a significant number of figures in recent times is Venom – one of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains.

Venom has been the subject of an entire wave of figures under the ‘Venomized’ banner and in this post I am taking a look at one of these figures: Corrupted Venom.



Corrupt Venom Funko Pop!

As mentioned above, Corrupt Venom is one of a wave of ‘Venomized’ Funko figures. The wave includes: Venomized Thanos, Venomized Groot, Venomized Storm, Venomized Daredevil, Venomized X-23, Venomized Rocket and Corrupted Venom.

When I saw this figure on the shelf I instantly reached for it and made the decision it was coming home with me. I will be honest and say that the rest of the Venomized line has done nothing for me and feels just like a way to pump out more figures around a common gimmick, but this one felt different – and it is.

The design is bold and very creepy and it feels like a must-pick-up figure. Corrupted Venom sports his instantly recognisable toothy expression and free-flowing tongue, and as he is not just a re-working of a Marvel character (with a symbiote slapped on for good measure), he stands out amongst the crowd.

His body is covered by red, worm-like veins, he has a cool pockmarked effect all over, and the Knull symbol appears across his forehead. The figure stands approximately 4 inches in height and includes a clear plastic base to ensure he remains vertical.

So, all good, right?

Well, at first glance he is a great looking figure, and I am glad I picked him up. But, upon closer inspection I do have one big issue: the paint job!

Some Funko paint jobs can be a bit hit-and-miss and I’d say Corrupted Venom falls into this category. Some of the paint on the red veins is either missing or has slipped onto the body of the figure and it is a real shame.

It isn’t an awful paint job, but it should be better and this is something which Funko collector’s should be mindful of.



Is Corrupted Venom a good Funko Pop! figure?

Corrupted Venom is a Special Edition Funko Pop! figure so you may have to search a little bit harder to find him – and you will have to pay a little more too. The figure retails for around £15 (rather than the standard price of £10.99) and is less likely to appear in every store that stocks Funko Pop!s.

Is he worth the £15 and the additional effort to find him? Well, this largely comes down to how much you like Venom as a character and how interested you are to add him to your collection.

There is no doubt that this is a great looking, quirky figure that offers something different to the Spidey/Venom line. However, when a figure gets the ‘Special Edition’ treatment (and therefore a higher price tag) I do believe a little bit more care and attention should be paid to the paint job.

I’ve previously reviewed four of the 80th anniversary Marvel Funko Pop figures, all of which carry the higher price point. All of these figures have excellent paint jobs which put them head and shoulders above many standard Funko figures – and this is something which has been overlooked here.

For the sheer fun of the figure (he is VERY cool) I am giving Corrupted Venom a pass, but it’s a milder recommend rather than a solid ‘thumbs-up’. Sloppy paint jobs need to be addressed as they can make or break a figure like this and that knocks a few points off what should be an excellent collectable.

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