If you are a Marvel fan and you collect Funko Pop! figures then you will be aware of the numerous Spider-Man-related figures available. You may also be aware of a line of Funko Pop! figures that have been released to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics.

In this post I am taking a look at four of these anniversary Pop! figures: Kraven the Hunter, Octo-Spidey, Sandman, and the ‘Bag-Man’ Spider-Man. These figures are part of a collection that also includes Scarlet Spider (Kain Parker) and Future Foundation Spider-Man.



Kraven the Hunter

First up is Kraven the Hunter – one of Spider-Man’s most notorious villains. The character has been popping up in Spider-Man comics since 1964 and now he finally has a Funko figure – and what a figure it is!

Taking inspiration from the comics, Kraven is decked out in a leopard print pair of pants, a lion mane jacket, and zebra wrist guards with accompanying belt. He comes equipped with a spear and he sports his instantly recognisable goatee.

He looks pretty good, right?

I can say hands down this is an awesome looking Funko Pop! figure and easily one of my favourites. The level of detail is simply incredible.

The lion mane jacket boasts an intricate design (complete with lion ears), the zebra belt includes studs, and the leopard print pants are beautiful. His spear is decorated with two feathers, and the lion mane runs from his shoulders down his back.

Kraven the Hunter measures 4 inches in height and he has a ‘bobble-head’ feature.



On to figure No.2 and wow – this is another fantastic figure. Just look at it!

This is Octo-Spidey – a Spider-Man figure that comes equipped with a set of Doctor Octopus tentacles. The tentacles are built into the figure (they can’t be removed) and are fixed into a dramatic pose.

But it isn’t just the tentacles which make this figure stand out, he also has a nifty set of yellow-tinted glasses which sit around his face. Theses glasses are linked by two wires that connect into the tentacles.

As you can see, this Spider-Man figure is locked into a dynamic position, so he doesn’t stand without some assistance. But fear not, the figure comes with a clear plastic stand that allows him to stay up-right.

Octo-Spidey measures 4.5 inches in height and he has a ‘bobble-head’ feature.




Figure No.3 is Sandman – another classic-era bad guy with a cool look which translates so well as a Funko Pop! figure.

As you can see in the images above and below, the design places Sandman in his half-man, half-sand look. His feet are pure sand, while his hands are shaped to form a fist and a mace.

The sand elements are shaded and textured and really make this figure stand out from the crowd. The detail on this figure is truly exquisite.

Sandman measures 4 inches in height and has a ‘bobble-head’ feature.


Bag-Man / Spider-Man

And now onto Funko No.4 and it’s a Spider-Man figure that doesn’t look like Spidey – but trust me, it is him!

This figure is based on a costume that Spider-Man wore in issue #258 of The Amazing Spider-Man. To put the costume into context, it is a make-shift outfit that Peter Parker was given by the Human Torch, after he was separated from the alien symbiote that would later become Venom.

If you’re familiar with the comic book costume then you will see this is another perfect recreation. The outfit comprises a Fantastic Four jumpsuit and a paper bag mask to protect Parker’s identity.

Compared to Kraven, Octo-Spidey, and Sandman, this figure is less detailed, yet Funko have still pulled off another strong design. The ‘bag-mask’ includes ridges, creases and folds, while the jumpsuit includes foot straps.

Bag-Man Spider-Man measures 4 inches in height and has the same ‘bobble-head’ feature as the other figures.


Are these figures worth the extra price?

All of the figures featured in this post are ‘Special Edition’ figures, so are priced a little more expensive than a regular Funko, coming in at just under £15 (rather than the standard £10.99 price point). Are they worth the extra money? Yes, I believe so.

As noted above, all of these figures boast some great detail which ensure they look just like their comic book counterparts. Kraven and Sandman are my favourite figures from the four in this post, but each figure has his own unique quirks.

Funko continue to go from strength-to-strength with the Pop! figures and this collection of 80th anniversary Marvel figures is no exception. All four are highly recommended for collectors or Spidey fans alike, and they are some of the best Funko figures I’ve seen in a while.



Thank you for taking the time to read this review of the Marvel 80th anniversary Spider-Man Funko Pop! figures. If you want to read more Spider-Man posts, then please take a look around this blog, or check out one of the recommended reads below.

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